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Expert Teachers

Greatness in teaching is just as rare as greatness in medicine, dance, law, or any other profession. Although the qualities that make great teachers are not easy to inculcate or duplicate, understanding these qualities can give all teachers a standard of excellence to strive for, and guide our school to recruit and retain the best teachers.

Teachers are at the heart of educational improvement. Any benefits that accrue to students as a result of educational policies require the enabling action of teachers. Karnataka Public School has a troop of excellent dedicated staff to serve our children in terms of love towards children, mastery of subject didactics and multiple models of teaching, and a capacity for reflection.

These are the following observations about the key characteristics of our teachers

  • Willingness to Put in the Necessary Time
  • Love for the Age Group They Teach
  • An Effective Classroom Management Style
  • Consistent Excellence
  • Expert Use of Instructional Methods
  • Capacity for Growth
  • Steadiness of Purpose and Teaching Personality


A teacher is like a candle which consumes itself to light the way for others one such astounding teacher is our senior English faculty Prof. A.T.Rajan who is highly qualified in the field of English language and he has held a position as a professor and desk officer in London. He at present holds a position as a TOFEL and IELTS trainer.

The school level characteristics supportive of high quality teachers identified in the case studies are: a consensus on vision and values, an organisation for teaching and learning, coherent management arrangements, formal and informal leadership, staff development focused on the workplace, and effective relationships with the community and local district. The evidence of the case studies suggests that there are three sources of teacher quality—the individual teacher, the individual school, and the external policy environment. In the final section of the paper these three alternative sources of teacher quality are described, as well as the policy implications flowing from them.

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